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ITF World Championships 2011
Patrina Guptill 2nd Degree Black Belt ITKD- New Zealand
"A great training apparatus. I can use it anywhere, anytime. Easy to set up and so easy to use. So light I can travel with it throughout New Zealand. It's a one stop shop when getting ready for the World Champs. Hard and durable and easy to clean. Awesome Product."
GOLD:Female junior Team Power Breaking.
GOLD:Female junior Team Power Sparring.
SILVER:Female junior Power Breaking.


Strong and durable
Scientifically engineered for 10,000 board breaks.
Mount on wall, strap to heavy bag, stand on floor, or partner holds, for example at demonstrations. Adjusts from 1' to 6'. Tilt for angle Board Breaking. Fits all boards, wood and plastic.
Train on your own
Gorilla Board Holder is excellent for training, competitions, and demonstrations. No need for a partner to practice your board breaking at home.
Weighs under 15 lbs and fits into a "carry on" sized bag. The only truly portable power braking board holder on the market.
Finally a board breaking machine that you can sell to your students.

World Champions Use Gorilla Holder for Practice

WHY you want a GORILLA Board Holder»

See it in action »

The Gorilla Board Holder was developed by 7th degree TKD black belt, Terry Wisniewski. As a school owner, instructor, and coach to more than 8 World Champion martial artists, Master Wiz is constantly looking to improve training methods. The Gorilla Board Holder was born from the need to give schools an effective piece of equipment for breaking and to allow students to effectively practice breaking at home.

With the new, patented system, people don't risk their fingers and students can practice on their own.



ITF World Championships 2011
Kristy Leong 2nd Degree Black Belt ITKD- New Zealand
"So user friendly,compact and not intimidating. I'm able to set up anywhere and train. Injury free and so lightweight. I use the "Gorilla Board Holder" when I teach junior students, too; It builds great confidence. I love it."
GOLD:Female senior Team Power Breaking.
BRONZE:Female senior Team Patterns.